#tropical modernism

     2017 | Oslo
     Los Angeles
     Bo Bardi
     Burle Marx      Niemeyer


* Abstract neighbours, Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica 2012

* Private Utopias, Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 2009

* Lichtspiel, Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 2007

* Dream Spaces, Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, California 2006

* Building paradise, University of Southern California, Los Angeles 2003

The Californication of Brazil

Coming to LA regularly, after a residency at Villa Aurora in 2003, Veronika Kellndorfer focuses on Californian modern architectural landmarks of Ray and Charles Eames, John Lautner, Frank Lloyd Wright, Pierre Koenig and Rudolf Schindler. Her work re-examines the physical and social construction of space creating a distinct technique of silk-screening photographic images onto large glass panels. During her first travel to Brazil in 2014, she began to explore Lina Bo Bardi´s radical approach to architecture, where she discovered a direct connection to modernist structures in California.

“Veronika Kellndorfer’s photographs of classic modernist houses are mediations on place, the passage of time, and the act of seeing…Reflection seem to place the viewer within the images, some of which are nearly life-size. At the same time, glare and the spatial ambiguity crated by cast shadows-the largest pieces are propped against the wall-prevent a clear view.”-Sharon Mizote, ArtForum